The Various Mosquito Control Stages

Are you planning to opt for a mosquito control service? Before you hire a service agency to help you with it, you need to understand the whole process. That foul-smelling fog is not the only step in getting rid of deadly and frustrating mosquitoes.

While the DIY practices can help, but they are not viable for combating and eliminating mosquitoes. Your mosquito control service will target several areas to kill mosquitoes entirely. Keep reading to understand the process clearly.


Surveillance is the regular testing and tapping o the mosquitoes to determine their species. This step will also help the professionals understand the dangers of the species and its seriousness. The surveillance process also determines if the mosquitoes are carrying and potential diseases with them. Expert mosquito treatment in Parkville can help you with it perfectly.

Source Reduction

This stage involves cleaning stagnant water bodies near you, managing drainage water, and digging ditches. You also have to get rid of the empty containers, which can be the breeding ground for mosquitoes.


In this stage, the professionals find biological and chemical ways to kill mosquitoes. It helps get rid of mosquitoes that are still in the larvae stage. It means putting oil or bacteria in the water body to poison it.


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Adulticide is the last and final stage in the whole process. The final stage of mosquito control is adulticide. In this stage, the professionals use a mosquito spray to get rid of many mosquitoes.

This step helps eliminate female mosquitoes before they get a chance to lay the eggs. This step is necessary, especially after heavy storms and flooding.

The Bottom Line

Now that you are aware of the whole mosquito control stages, you can confidently hire a professional. Knowing all this information about mosquito control will also help you spread awareness about the process. Good luck with your next mosquito control treatment!